Based in Dubai, Aliot DMCC is a licensed trader in solar energy systems and components and a provider of management consultancy services to international clients in a variety of sectors.


Aliot DMCC offers turnkey solutions for the international supply of solar energy systems and other technological equipment. Our partners and counterparties are located in Europe, East and Central Asia and CIS countries.

Our team has extensive professional experience in trading, logistics, export sales and commodity markets. We have established relationships with numerous global and regional consultants and banks, making us a valuable strategic partner.

We are ready to perform technical analysis, design optimal delivery solutions, source suppliers, conduct commercial negotiations and organize logistics processes, based on the individual needs of the client.


Aliot DMCC also provides performance analysis, organisational restructuring, strategic development, development of internal policies and work procedures. Our wealth of interdisciplinary expertise, both local and international, allows us to offer precise, custom-made solutions for a wide range of business needs.

Versatile and customer-centric, we work on short-term assignments and long-term projects, providing targeted professional support where it’s needed.


September 2022

Aliot DMCC has completed a project for the supply of equipment to a 50 MW solar power station in Balkhash, Kazakhstan.

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